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Lake Norman Salt Spa

What do I wear in a salt room?

Comfortable loose fitting clothing is recommended! Please remember to bring socks to wear, shoes or bare feet are not allowed inside our salt rooms.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can start the sesssions on time.

What is salt therapy and how does it help?

Salt therapy, aka Halotherapy, is 100% drug free, non-invasive, natural therapy. A halogenerator grinds salt into microscopic particles and disperses the salt aerosol into the room. Inhaling the salt infused air can help reduce inflammation and clear out mucus in your lungs, providing relief from symptoms caused by allergies, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, COPD and more! Salt therapy is also great for your skin, the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of salt help reduce redness and inflammation caused by eczema, acne, rashes and other skin conditions.

Is salt therapy safe?

Salt therapy is a natural, drug free wellness practice without negative side effects. Salt therapy is intended to be used as a complimentary therapy to your prescribed treatments. Please do not stop taking any prescribed medications without consulting with your doctor. Undergoing salt therapy consistently has been shown to reduce the amount of medication needed, and help boost your immune system. We do not recommend those with active tuberculosis, bleeding or open wounds, contagious diseases, fever, severe or unstable heart conditions, or any internal disease in acute stages to undergo salt therapy. If you have concerns please consult your physician.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Yes, salt therapy is safe for children 3 months and up. Children tend to pick up more viruses and have a harder time fighting off pollutants. Salt therapy is completely drug free and non-invasive; we even provide some toys for children to play with during their therapy session.

How often should I come for a salt therapy session?

This will vary based on your specific conditions; to start we recommend 3-5 sessions over the first two weeks, from there the amount of sessions are based on your individual needs. Those with chronic conditions are recommended to come more frequent than those that just want to relax and relieve stress. Monthly maintenance is recommended once your therapy sessions have been completed.

Can I bring my phone/tablet or food and drink in the salt room?

Electronic devices such as phone and tablets are not allowed. Personal belongings can be locked up in provided lockers. We want you to use this time to relax and “unplug” Food & drink are not permitted in the salt rooms either.

What kind of salt is used, and why?

While we do have Himalayan salt on our walls and floors only pure grade sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as medical grade or pharmaceutical grade salt, is used in our generators. Only NaCI dissolves 100% in water and doesn’t stay in the lungs, anything other than pure grade NaCl could negatively impact the lungs as minerals and dirt won’t fully dissolve. While Dead Sea, Caribbean, and Himalayan salts are great for cooking and digesting they are not suitable for inhaling. All studies and research published is based solely on utilizing pure sodium chloride. This is the same salt hospitals use in saline solutions due to its purity.

Do I need an appointment or do you take walk-ins?

Appointments are highly recommended for all sessions. We will accept walk-ins if space is available but cannot make any guarantees. Feel free to give us a call to schedule or you can check availability and book online.