Shamanic Journey Event


Release what is no longer serving you and invite in what you want to dream into being. Benefits of Shamanic Journey include bringing in fresh energy, feeling more present, connecting to source and soul purpose, creating desired life changes, releasing toxic/stuck energy and stepping into personal power and highest self. This experience will also include the Medicine Wheel, which has been used throughout history to assist with healing, to manifest and gain clarity on where you are at in your life as a whole or with a focus on certain things.'

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Meet Heather

Heather is a Shamanic Healer that walks between the seen and unseen. Spirit works through her to provide healing. Heather’s goal is to give people guidance and support in a loving environment that allows them to come home to themselves.

Born as a healer through a strong line of healers on her mother’s side Heather did not fully step into her calling until later in life when indeed, the universe made it clear. Heather’s Grandmother taught her “Darling, the universe will tap you on the shoulder, and if you don’t listen it will smack you upside the head”.  No longer pushing aside her calling and gifts she was called to Monument Valley where she spent time with a Medicine Man and participated in a life-changing initiation.

Heather does much of her work through the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journeying where she enters altered states of consciousness in order to access non-ordinary reality and connect with Spirit.

“I believe one misconception is that spirit work, healing, and coming home to yourself is a clean, smooth process. It often is not. It can be messy. It requires moving the mud and making the water cloudy before it’s clear. I tell people the time I spend with them is like a liquid plumber for the spiritual pipes. It is a period of time where sacred space is being opened and held for the benefit of their healing. That alone is beautiful.”  

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